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Example Questions for the CNIM and DABNM Exam


I’ve pulled some of the questions out of my CNIM and DABNM study guides for you to go through. After you complete this little exam, I’ll give you the right answers and explanations.

These questions came straight out of 1 section of my study guides (the Q and A portion). I know people love to take practice exams, but probably gain very little if there isn’t some explanation that goes along with the Q and A. Learning and understanding the concepts is what makes for a great IONM clinician.

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New Quiz

What is the class, the speed and the name of the receptors when we stimulate light touch receptors?

The chemical transmitter that mediates between sympathetic preganglionic fibers and the end organ is:

There is a greater amount of somatotopical representation in the motor cortex for the:

Which of the following is most closely associated with language comprehension?

D-wave amplitudes are representative of what?

Why would you want to include the bulbocavernouse reflex in your multi-modality monitoring of lumbar cases with cauda equina syndrome?

What is the typical threshold for the recurrent laryngeal nerve on stimulation, and what is the typical max response stimulated at?

What is the frequency of EMG activity that is a cause for concern?

What does cerebral oximetry measure?

In BAERs, conductive losses affect all the following except:

What are significant changes in VEP?

What is a sampling rate?

How do you find the common mode rejection ratio?

What is Coulomb’s Law?

What impedance rate demonstrates good electrode placement?

What is the most common cause of 60 cycle noise?

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